Website For My Business: Importance And How to Simply Create One Yourself

Virtually every business in the world now has a website to improve sales and services rendered. Who wouldn’t get a website for his business in this 21st century?

Most times business owners who get a website for their businesses outsource it (this means they pay someone to get it done for them) because of they lack the skills or just because they do not have much time to do it themselves though having the skill.

Today I am going to talk about the importance of getting a website for your business and how you can do that yourself without getting someone to do it for you.

 But before we start off, I will love to tell you a few things about a website.

What Is A Website?

This is simply a set of webpages that can be located using and address called the domain name. I will explain more later.

Importance of A Website In A Business

Even your business is of the smallest level, you still need a website for it and I am going to show you just why I said so.

Here are the reasons:
  •   To Improve Customer Care: If not for any other thing, getting a website is very essential because your customers who have purchased your goods and services earlier can reach you and tell you how they feel about your goods and the services you render.
  • To Improve Your Sales: Did you know that getting a website will help you skyrocket your sales and the services you render? For one reason, websites can be accessed from anywhere in the world and potential customers who could not reach you before because of difference in location can now reach you when you get a website. Just imagine 5 persons who sell footwear lets say at Oshodi Market, Lagos, and you not knowing anyone searched on Google "Buy shoes from Oshodi Market, Lagos", who do you think you will buy the shoe from? Is it not the one who has a website?
  • Build Your Reputation: Just imagine there are 5 persons who sell footwears at the same location and just one of them managed to get a website for his business, who do you think potential customers who don't know them before will trust more? Is it not the one who has a website?
  •  Gives You An Online Presence: This is the 21st century and everything has now taken the online level. Owning a website for your business will give you an online presence and everyone who Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks can contact you for anything they want.
  • Gives You A Professional Email Address: Normally you can decide to head over to Gmail and an email address simply but you will never get a professional email address. you can get something like this: something@gmail.com (which is not looking professional at all) whereas getting a website will give you a professional and more trusted email address like contact@yourwebsite.com making it easy for potential customers to trust you.
These are only a few of the many things you will enjoy when you get a website for your business and now we will be going over to how to get a website for your business without paying anyone a dime even though you have limited time.

How To Simply Create a Website For Your Business Yourself

Man With Laptop

If you can use your phone very well to access other websites and even social network then you can create a website for your business your self.

We will now be looking at the things you would need if you want to get a website for your business and we will want to look at the following thing.

  • Laptop or Phone: You would need a laptop or a phone that is internet enabled with which you will use.
  • Domain Name: This is simply the address to your website. Example: something.com and you can simply get it yourself from Domainking.ng and it could cost you between NGN4000 and NGN5000.  
  • Time: This is a very serious item. If you would want to get the website yourself you need to save some time for it this is not that time-consuming. 
Other things you will need...

  • Email Address
  • Logo
  • Favicon
  • Data Connection
 So let's get started...

STEP 1: If your email address is ready (if not use Gmail to get an email address) head over to Blogger.com and you will be greeted with a screen resembling the one below:

Blogger.com Homepage
STEP 2: You will have to click on the "Sign in" at the top right of your screen and use your email address to sign in normally.

STEP 3: After that, you will be greeted with a page where you will fill in the name of your Website and the URL of your website.

what you will see will resemble the picture above and in the field for "title" that is where you will put the name of your website while that of "address" is where you will put in the desired web address you need. Example mybusinessname.blogspot.com (in my next post I will teach you how to change your web address from mybusinessname.blogspot.com to mybusinessname.com) then you select the "Theme" for your website and the theme here means the kind of look you want your website to assume.

When you are satisfied you head over and click then "Create Blog" button and boom your website is ready and you are just a few steps away from making it more professional and beautiful.


Today we took a lesson on the importance of a website to businesses and how you can create a website for your business.

And we just achieved our saif aim and in my next post, I will be teaching you how to get a domain name for your website. This simply means how to make your website get the .com extension instead of the .blogspot.com extension.

  Your Turn

Kindly tell me if you followed this post to the end and what else you think should be added to the post. Also, check if there is more importance in owning a website for your business or if there are disadvantages because I didn't check for them.

I am patiently waiting for your coments!

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